Web Hosting For Churches

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Tibbetts Internet is a Christian owned company. We offer web hosting for churches. We know what kind of things churches need for the hosting of their websites. We provide CPanel which is a great control panel that works for churches. We also provide other services for churches like web design, IT services and SEO. Contact us to find out what we can do for your website.

web hosting for churches

CPanel has all the control panel features that are needed. It enables the site admin to add email accounts, forward emails, create databases and add more domains for other ministry websites. Quite often a church will have multiple ministries under the roof. These ministries have a need to host more than one domain on their account. We have web hosting accounts available for churches that enable them to host multiple website domains. Ask us about which account has what is needed for your requirements.

We are offering other services to churches as well. No matter what web based services you need to host, create and market your website, we are your number one choice. Tibbetts Internet specializes in providing it’s services to churches throughout the United States. Although, we do web hosting for churches out of the country as well.

We have years of experience in ministry and working with certain Christian churches to do their web hosting, design and development. By working with the computer ministry in the past, we are well versed with what the needs of a church are.

Our data center is a reliable place to host websites. It has redundant UPS backup systems and large diesel generators that are capable of powering a whole city block. In the instance where we have a power outage our backup systems are capable of keeping the data center online to serve your websites. We guarantee that our network and servers will be up 99.9% of the time.

We offer 24X7 technical support through our trouble ticket support system. If you need technical support feel free to submit a trouble ticket and one of our support specialists will contact you to address your support request. We do our best to answer support tickets in a timely manner.