Web Development Services

We provide services to businesses and corporations throughout the United States. Even though we are located in Southern California we still can service customers anywhere in the U.S. We do custom web development that can automate business processes and deliver a custom built front and back end for your website. We can also save you money by providing a website that has all the functionality that is needed for your backend. To inquire about our services call us at (909)440-0941.

As a web development services company, we are dedicated to programming functionality that will streamline your Internet presence and your business processes. Our team of project managers, systems analysts and programmers work with our customers to create a user friendly system.

We have a team of programmers who write web based software applications for web and for business.

Web Development Company

Tibbetts Internet is focused on servicing businesses that need to hire a web development company. Most of our customers come to us to have custom applications written for their business or website. Not all companies desire to use out of the box web site software. In some cases businesses require custom programming to streamline their website functionality and give them the resources needed for their business.

wordpress web development

WordPress Web Development

WordPress is the most popular content management system on the Internet. It is used by more web developers than other alternatives like Joomla and Drupal. It enables the website admin to make changes to the website in real time. Most of the time plugins are available that are out of the box and do what is needed for your website. In some cases a website needs functionality that is not available as an out of the box plug in. In this case our programmers do custom WordPress web development.

Why use WordPress?

  • User Friendly;
  • Search Engine Friendly;
  • Thousands of plugins are available that can extend it’s functionality.

Mobile Web Development

Over 50% of the Internet traffic is from mobile users. It is important for your website to be user friendly for devices like cell phones and tablets. Have you ever used your cell phone to go to a website and the page looks like it’s so small you can’t see anything. Chances are that particular website was not done with responsive web development in mind. This means that it is user friendly for desktops, laptops, android devices, Iphones and tablets. A lot of old websites are not user friendly for mobile devices.

When Tibbetts Internet does web development, we make sure that the website is user friendly for all devices. What are some of the advantages?

  • User friendly for Mobile devices an tablets;
  • Has web development for all devices;
  • Improves the user experience (UX) and user interaction (UI);
  • Helps SEO for mobile search engines.

Ecommerce Web Development

When using the WordPress content management system there are plugins available that can function as it’s online store software. We use WooCommerce. It is one of the most widely used ecommerce solutions available. There are also a lot of plugins that can provide more functionality for the system. They can be installed for a fraction of the cost of writing custom software.

We also do custom ecommerce web development. Some companies desire to own a proprietary system. In this case we write custom code and applications for your admin and website front end.

Application Development Services

We write applications such as CMS systems, online photo galleries, online stores and any other application that you could use for a web site. Most of the time applications that have already been written can be integrated into your website. It does not matter what CMS you are using or whether you have an all html website. It is easy to find integrate able applications. Some companies want custom applications. In either case our web developer services can provide applications that are useful for your users and admins.

Database Development

In today’s world businesses can use server hosting to create virtual private networks for their custom businesses database program. This enables us to make the server inaccessible by the general Internet. Only members of that virtual private network would be able to access the dedicated server.

We are focused on database development that holds records and automates business processes. We do a systems analysis on your current business processes to create a web based solution for your companies custom business software needs. This type of business systems programing works great for all business models. We write web based programs. We build a custom databases for online colleges, trucking companies, towing companies and much more.

Web Design and Development Services Process

Tibbetts Internet is here to create great websites for our customers. We have come up with a process that makes it easy for our customers to work with our team of web developers and project managers. The end result of our process is that our customers receive a website they like and has all the functionality they need.

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