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What is web development?

Web development is different than web design. It is the programming of applications and web based software. This software is developed to be an application that can be used in conjunction with a web site. There are several types of applications that can be developed for a web site.

One of the most widely used types of applications is a CMS. A lot of companies that want to write their own applications hire developers to write custom content management systems. There are also several content management systems that are free to download and use throughout the Internet. The most popular free CMS system is WordPress.

Other applications available for web sites may include photo galleries, video galleries, customer resource management systems, online stores, shopping carts, community web sites like Facebook and much more. A lot of companies are moving from developing software that can run on your Windows computer to writing the software they sell to run from their web site. This quite often allows a company to charge a monthly fee for the software.