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What is the Average Cost of Website Design for Small Business?

Were Having a 20% off Sale on Website Design

The average cost of website design for small business can be affordable. Most small businesses do not need a big site unless they want an online store with thousands of products. Even in this case most web design companies only add a small number of products during the website design process. This keeps the overall cost down. By using an online store software like WooCommerce, we enable a web site owner to easily add the rest of their products themselves.

I would say for an eCommerce site, with a WordPress content management system and a WooCommerce online store the average cost is around $1,500. This normally includes adding around 25 products in the website design process. Right now we are having a 20% off sale on our online stores which brings the cost down to $1,199.20. For a business that wants some other pages on the site besides the online store there is an additional cost per page that is added. A five page website that also has an online store has an average cost of $2,000. Right now we are having a sale and the discounted price is $1,599.20.

Some businesses do not want an online store. These are companies that are offering products and services like construction companies, salons, trucking companies and so on. They are not going to sell products and services in an online store. They generally hire a web design company to build informational pages about their products and services. The page is designed to have the potential customer call them or fill out their quote form. These types of sites generally have five to ten pages. The average cost of a five page website is $500. Currently, we are having a sale which lowers a five page website to $400. A ten page website is $800. Our full retail price is $1000. The average cost per page is about $100.

There are some website design companies that charge as much as $450 per page. They generally market their services to large corporations. For the most part small businesses do not pay this much for website design.

We encourage you to browse our online store to buy and take advantage of our 20% off sale. Our web design category has packages that are available for people who pretty much know how many pages they want on their site. Keep in mind while we are in the website design process, if you need to add pages we can add them. When we add pages, we add the cost of added pages to the project. For people who want a custom quote fill out our quote form. We would be glad to help you determine how many pages to build for your site. Our 20% off sale also applies to custom quotes.

The sale does not apply to web development (programming) and SEO. If we use web site software that has already been written to build your site the sale applies. It basically does not apply to custom programming and development.