Managed Dedicated Server Hosting

Tibbetts Internet is a company that provides managed services for dedicated servers. Most similar companies only offer unmanaged services. By default our servers are unmanaged. For companies who require our managed services, there is an option available with all of our servers to purchase managed dedicated server hosting. To inquire call us at (909)440-0941.

We manage all the aspects of your server. Our systems administrators do daily technical tasks that need to be done for our managed dedicated server hosting customers.

We try to handle your request the day the ticket is submitted. We pride ourselves on great customer service. Our managed customers are our number 1 priority when it comes to technical support requests.

managed dedicated server hosting

Managed Dedicated Host

Tibbetts is a managed dedicated host that is focused on doing the systems administration tasks for our customers. We install their server software and administer their server for them. This is great for a business that does not have their own systems administrator on staff.

Our data center has huge diesel generators and UPS backup systems that are capable of keeping the data center operating without the electric company. Our generators can power whole city blocks.

Fully Managed Server Hosting

When you purchase managed services along with one of our dedicated server plans you get a fully managed server. You won’t have to know Linux. Let us do it for you. We can monitor your server to make sure it is up 24 x 7. In the case where it goes down our management team makes sure the data center is bringing the server back up.

Managed Dedicated Server Hosting Price

We charge a fee of $180 for managed services. It is available as an add on to any of our server hosting plans. The starting price for dedicated hosting is $59 per month.

We encourage you to browse our selection of dedicated servers to see which server will best meet your requirements.

Inquire About our Managed Servers

For questions about our managed server hosting services please fill out our form and one of our sales representatives will contact you within 24 – 48 hours.