IT Services

Tibbetts Internet is a reliable company. We specialize in providing IT services to businesses throughout the continental United States. We are dedicated to the reliability of your computers and network. Not all businesses have an in house guy that knows how to do their computer networking. Nor do they have enough work for them to do to employ an in house IT guy full or part time. Our staff is on call 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to solve your IT needs. We can send out a guy immediately. Just give us a call at (909)440-0941 and well be there.

Whether you are a business that just needs an on call IT company for just a few hours or for as large project, we are your number one choice. We are skilled at fixing network problems. We also have expertise in network engineering. Quite often our customers call us to set up their new computers when their old systems are dying. We have our own brand of Tibbetts Internet computer systems that we build customized for use in your business. Ask about upgrading your current computer systems to be faster! No matter what your needs are we can service your company.

Professional business IT Services in the United States.

We are dedicated to keeping your network up and running. Some companies can lose millions of dollars per day when their network is down. Our professionals are experienced in providing services that are comprehensive and solve today’s IT problems. No matter what your issue is our team is capable of solving it.

IT Consulting

Are you not sure what is needed in your network setup. Do you have questions about what to do with your network? Here at Tibbetts Internet we are skilled with IT consulting. When you need to consult with us about your new network configuration, computer systems and other components of your network, we are your number one choice.

We can send in a highly educated IT consultant to help you determine what to do with your new network configuration. We can help you determine what computer systems to buy and what type of programs can be installed on those systems. No matter what type of IT questions you have, we can solve your network issues.

IT Support

Do you need some support for the computers on your network? We are a reliable IT support company. Our technicians can provide support for any computer or network issue. When you have some thing in your computer networking that needs fixed don’t hesitate to call us today at (909)440-0941.

Managed or Unmanaged IT Services

By default Tibbetts Internet offers unmanaged IT services and solutions on an on call basis. This means that we are on call to send in an IT guy to your location. When you have an emergency situation that needs fixed we can solve the issue. Unmanaged services have no contract.

For those customers that have more demanding computer networking needs we offer managed IT services and solutions. Most of our managed customers have more of a demand on a regular basis. Generally when we manage your network we draw up a service contract.

IT Security Services

In todays world there are a lot of hackers trying to hack into computer networks and steal proprietary information. They let lose viruses and do damage to network infrastructure. It is imperative that businesses hire an IT security services company to kick out your hackers and secure the computers and servers on your network. We can set up firewalls, virtual private networks and virus scan programs that lock down your network.

Frequently Asked Questions

One of the computers in our office is slowing down do we need to replace the computer?

There are several reasons a computer system might slow down. This does not always mean you have to replace the system. Sometimes this can be because the ram is going bad. Quite often you can buy new ram and put the maximum amount allowed in the system to make it faster. This can be done for a fraction of the cost of buying a new system. Now if the system is too old it may need replaced to be up to speed with newer computer systems. When we are providing IT services we can determine what is needed to keep your computers fast and your network functional.

One of our computers is not printing to the printer what is the problem?

There can be a number of problems. Sometimes the drivers go corrupt and need re installed. Sometimes there are problems with the printer itself. This can be determined at time of service.

When is my payment due?

The payment for IT services is due at time of service. Once we are done performing the tasks that are required of your computers and staff, we issue an invoice by email and collect payment either by credit card over the Internet or we can collect a check made out to Tibbetts Internet.

Should I buy managed or unmanaged IT services?

If you are a business that only needs IT services every few months you may be a candidate for unmanaged on call information technology services.

Businesses that need to call in an IT company on a regular basis or a couple times per month every month might need managed IT solutions.