Game Server Hosting

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Tibbetts Internet is a company that specializes in game server hosting. We offer a barebones server solution that is capable of hosting servers for people who play games. We have put some of our servers in a category for gaming. This category is made up of servers that are configured for hosting games. Quite often these servers need a lot of ram and a fast processor. We encourage you to browse our dedicated game servers category to find out which system will meet your requirements and budget.

game server hosting

Even though we offer a barebones server solution we can still give you suggestions as to what game server will be best to run on your equipment. There are several free game server software solutions that are free and can be installed on your system. If you know which game server software you need to install you should make note of whether it runs on a Linux or Windows server. This way we can install the operating system that is required by your software. We are available to install game server hosting software for an additional fee.

Our data center is reliable. It has UPS backup systems and diesel generators that take over in case of a power outage. These systems rotate in 30 minute intervals and can keep our servers online in the case of a power outage.

We guarantee that our network and servers will be available for requests 99.9% of the time. Our network is never down. With our guarantee it is up to serve your websites and servers every day. Even if there is a power outage our network stays up and running and serves it’s applications and servers.

To inquire about game server hosting please feel free to contact us at (909)440-0941. A sales representative will be glad to help you determine which server will best meet your requirements.