Dedicated Storage Server

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Tibbetts Internet is a reliable company. We have separated some of our servers into another category for dedicated storage server hosting. We separated servers that are configured with components that would work for storage of large amounts of files. Generally a server that is configured for storage will have a large amount of hard drive space. We encourage you to take a look at our in stock servers to find out which one will meet your requirements.

Being we have created a category for dedicated storage server it makes since for you to take a look at it. We are sure we have some configurations in stock that will meet your needs. If you do not find a configuration that meets your requirements or have questions about which one does please feel free to call us at (909)440-0941.

dedicated storage server

There are several reasons why some companies need to store files. Quite often on the Internet companies use Storage area networks. They also use this type of server as a mapped drive for off site file and backup storage. Some businesses will run daily backups and put the files on a mapped drive. This is a common practice in offices across the United States. Generally they run a samba file server.

To contact Tibbetts Internet about dedicated storage servers feel free to call us at (909)440-0941 or click the link to see the category. One of our sales people would be glad to help you determine which server will best suit your needs. Just let us know what your requirements are and we will help you pick out the server that meets your budget and specifications.