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What is dedicated web hosting?

Most companies who buy web hosting services buy a shared web hosting account on a hosting companies servers. Dedicated web hosting is another option where you rent a whole dedicated computer system to host your web site. This is quite often done by companies who have web sites that get a lot of hits. These high traffic web sites generally get so much traffic that they need a whole dedicated server system just for one web site. Dedicated web hosting is also utilized by some web hosting companies who host multiple web sites on one server.

There are a couple components of dedicated web hosting. The first component is the dedicated server. The next needed component is the software server application needed to host a web site. There are several popular web server applications available.

The most popular server software is CPanel. Most web hosting companies that do shared hosting use CPanel. It is a great application for hosting multiple web sites on one server. CPanel is not free. This software is capable of doing your hosting,handling your billing and has applications so you can easily install software applications to be used with your web site.

Another good server software is Plesk. Plesk is designed to be used by web hosting companies to do shared web hosting. It much like CPanel can do your billing and has built in online store software designed for web hosting companies.

A free alternative which may be better for companies who want to save some money and do not need all the extra features that are provided by today’s web hosting companies through server software applications like CPanel and Plesk is ISPConfig. It is a basic web hosting software application. It does not come with the ability to automatically install web based software applications for your web site.

I think if you want to have all the features offered by today’s web hosting companies it may be better to go with CPanel or Plesk. If you want to save some monthly money and are not worried about having the extra features go with ISPConfig.