Dedicated Server

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Tibbetts Internet is a reliable company. We provide dedicated server hosting for all types of technical and business related applications. No matter what server software or business systems software you need to host, we are your most reliable option. Our servers come bare bones with an operating system installed. Our systems administrators can install any server software that is required for your business processes and procedures. For businesses that do not have a systems administrator, we also offer managed dedicated server hosting services. Our managed package is available for purchase with any server.

Our servers start at $59 per month. As a dedicated server company we try to offer affordable prices for our services. Most companies come to a business like us wanting to spend around $150 per month for a dedicated server. Depending on your required specs, we can save you some money.

Our dedicated server rental is great for any purpose. We host web servers, Internet radio servers, video and audio streaming servers, VOIP phone servers, database servers, email servers and any other application that can be hosted on a physical computer.

We guarantee 99.9% up time for our entire network. Our servers are never down. We have redundant back up systems to insure your servers are still running during a power outage. We have UPS backup systems and huge diesel generators that can power a whole city block.

Dedicated Server Rental

See our list of dedicated servers in our online store. We have a lot of options to choose from. No matter what you are doing with the server we can handle the hosting.

We have several configurable options such as your choice of operating systems, managed services, server software, number of ip addresses and custom bandwidth options.

Dedicated Server Hosting Company

We are here for the long term. Many of our customers are planning on using us as a server hosting company for years to come. We are committed to serving our customers needs for at least a decade. Quite often once you have a server performing for you it is hard to move it. You want to use a reliable company.

What is a dedicated server?

It is a dedicated computer system that is generally housed on a data center. A company can rent these type of server systems on a monthly basis. They are used for various applications such as web hosting, file hosting, email and much more. Much like the server system that site in your office, it can host your software. the difference is that a dedicated server is available as monthly rental an generally is in a data center.

Why do I need dedicated server hosting?

Is a shared hosting account not doing what you need? Does your business require a server system that is off site. Do you need root access for your systems administrators? When you have an application that can be hosted on a server this is a great solution. Instead of buying expensive server equipment you can do dedicated server rental for a fraction of the cost.

Why Tibbetts Internet is the best dedicated server provider!

Our data center is maned 24 X 7. We guarantee that your servers will be up 99.9% of the time to serve your applications. We can guarantee our redundant network will be up for your servers to serve their applications. All our servers have been tested for failure. Our equipment is good to go for the next 10 years for you.