CPanel Hosting

Tibbetts Internet provides CPanel web hosting services for all types of business. CPanel is the most popular control panel in the industry. It is widely used by companies to host websites. We do not max out our CPanel servers or put too many people on any one server. This way our services remain fast for all our shared hosting customers.

In the first section of the CPanel is the file manager. If you do not want to use FTP you can use it manage and upload your files. You can also upload images. Under directory privacy it gives the capability to create password protected directories. There are utilities to see how much disk space your web site is using. You can also do web site backups with the backup utility.

The databases section of CPanel is where you add databases and database users. It includes phpMyAdmin. This utility enables you to manage the databases for your website. If you want to use a remote mysql server this section has the functionality.

In the domains section you can manage all the domains that are on your account. If you have a CPanel web hosting account that allows multiple domains you can click on addon domains and add multiple domains to your account. For more advanced users this section enables you to add subdomains, redirects and manage DNS as well.

The email section enables you to manage all the aspects of your email accounts for your domains. You can add and edit email accounts, set up email forwarding and create email lists. There are also application to set up a calendar and contacts for business or personal. This section also enables you to set up spam filters for your email accounts.

In the metrics section you can monitor how many website visitors are coming to your site. It also enables to you to monitor your bandwidth. The Webalizer and Awstats applications can keep track of your hits and where they are coming from. These applications are similar to Google Analytics.

In the security section you can access the shell for your website using SSH. Here you can do command line operations. There is an IP blocker and the ability to set up SSL certificates. You can set up protection for the hotlinks on your site and manage your API tokens.

In the software section you can manage the version of PHP you are running on your website. You can also manage your Perl modules. You can install site software to be used with your website such as WordPress. You can also manage your PHP.ini files.

In the advanced section you can open up a SSH terminal to the command line of your website shell. You can also set up automation by using CRON jobs to decide when to run certain scripts. You can add MIME types and manage Apache handlers.

In the preferences section you can manage your passwords and security. You can also change your default language for the control panel. You can also manage user accounts that have access to your control panel.

In the applications section the system shows you what applications you have installed.

For customers who have questions about our CPanel web hosting we encourage you to contact us at (909)440-0941 to inquire about our services.