Church Website Design

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Tibbetts Internet is a Christian owned company that specializes in doing church website design. We include the WordPress content management system with our services. We also install various plugins that provide the functionality of a church website. We can also do custom web development to create more application for church websites.

Video Galleries For Your Sermons

When we are designing a church website we can include a video gallery page. Your church can upload sermons and bible studies that can viewed by it’s members and Internet visitors. It includes an admin that gives the capability to add new videos to the gallery. In today’s world a lot of people like to watch videos. This is why this works for a church.

Take Donations Online

Our church website design package includes the functionality to take donations through your website. The money is normally collected using a pay pal account. We include pre written web site software that is written to take donations online. Churches can then market their campaigns to social media and to it’s users.

Church Template Design

When we built your website we do custom church template design. We use your custom images and information to crate a look and feel for your companies online presence. If you have some ideas about what you want your site to look like our graphic designers would like to hear what you have to say and see some examples of what you are looking for.

church template design
We can build a custom template for your church website design.

We use your custom images to create graphics that compliment your church. Our website designers do custom graphic design to create a look and feel for your Internet presence. We do professional website designs that are modern and attract new membership. Why have a church website that has a 20 year old design. We work to create new looking presentations that wow your Internet visitors.

The WordPress Content Management System

Tibbetts Internet offers a content management system with all our projects. This CMS makes it easy for the novice church administrator to make changes to an existing website. It includes the ability to add blogs, pages and much more. We also include plugins for WordPress that gives church website design it’s functionality for a fraction of the cost of web development.

A Church Finder with Maps to Your Locations

Some churches are from Christian organizations that have multiple church locations. To add to the functionality and enable new church visitors to find your church locations. It works great whether you just have one location or thousands around the world. Why not give a way for new visitors to find your church. There are a lot of people who use the Internet to find a church to go to in their local area.

Events Calendars and Sermons

Along with our church website design we include an events calendar. It also enables you to upload sermons for people to read. There are quite a few pre written plugins available for WordPress that were designed for churches. We make use of these applications so your events and sermons can be online.

Get an App For Your Church Website

We can also provide an app that goes along with your WordPress website. It enables the members of your church to communicate with each other through sms. I am sure by having your own social app it could help you retain your members. I would also give them a positive social environment that is Christian based.

Live Streaming To Go Along With Your Church Website Design

One of the web applications we have available for church websites is the Live streaming software. It enables the church to display live streams of their sermons, bible studies and events on their website. It allows live stream video and chat so churches can stream their church services on their website.

Accept Prayer Requests Over The Internet

For most churches it compliments their ministry to have a prayer request system on their website. We include the web software for a prayer request system. it enables the Internet user to submit prayer requests to the ministry through the website. It also enables you to pray for existing requests.

Ideas about what kind of functionality and design to include with church website design can be unlimited. We are looking forward to speaking with you about what pages and functionality you want on your new website. We are always able to find more plugins and come up with ideas about what your website should be doing.

Our team of sales people are eager to work with members of the ministry to come up with website designs that compliment their ministries. We encourage you to contact us about our services at (909)440-0941.