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Tibbetts Internet is Working From Home During COVID-19

Tibbetts Internet is observing social distancing guidelines by working from home. We are open to service our customers with their web sites, dedicated servers and IT services. Our data center is up and running and our sales people are eagerly waiting to help our potential customers. We provide servers that use the Linux operating system. We are hosting and designing web sites for business. We place our customers sites in the top 10 in Google and drive traffic to them through Internet marketing.

In today’s world it is essential that your web sites are up and running. With the Corona Virus there is a huge surge in online traffic. It appears that while people are staying at home they are using the Internet more. We are here to keep your web sites up to date. How can you let people look at a site that is not up to date.

We provide Linux server hosting for all types of applications. These applications may include email, file storage, web hosting, VOIP and much more. For companies who need managed server hosting, we have in house IT professionals that can manage your server.

Our technicians in our data center are working. They are making sure your web sites and servers are up and running. Our sale people are working from home answering customer inquiries. Our technical support staff is also working from home. They are helping our customers use our services.

Our web designers are working from building web site for business. We are still able to help you with web design even with COVID-19. Just go to our web site and fill out a quote form. This company will respond quickly.

Our Internet marketing professionals are also working from home. They are working on driving traffic to our customers web sites. They are performing SEO services to achieve top 10 listings in Google. Even with the Corona Virus we are able to keep our customers marketing going.

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What is the Average Cost of Website Design for Small Business?

Were Having a 20% off Sale on Website Design

The average cost of website design for small business can be affordable. Most small businesses do not need a big site unless they want an online store with thousands of products. Even in this case most web design companies only add a small number of products during the website design process. This keeps the overall cost down. By using an online store software like WooCommerce, we enable a web site owner to easily add the rest of their products themselves.

I would say for an eCommerce site, with a WordPress content management system and a WooCommerce online store the average cost is around $1,500. This normally includes adding around 25 products in the website design process. Right now we are having a 20% off sale on our online stores which brings the cost down to $1,199.20. For a business that wants some other pages on the site besides the online store there is an additional cost per page that is added. A five page website that also has an online store has an average cost of $2,000. Right now we are having a sale and the discounted price is $1,599.20.

Some businesses do not want an online store. These are companies that are offering products and services like construction companies, salons, trucking companies and so on. They are not going to sell products and services in an online store. They generally hire a web design company to build informational pages about their products and services. The page is designed to have the potential customer call them or fill out their quote form. These types of sites generally have five to ten pages. The average cost of a five page website is $500. Currently, we are having a sale which lowers a five page website to $400. A ten page website is $800. Our full retail price is $1000. The average cost per page is about $100.

There are some website design companies that charge as much as $450 per page. They generally market their services to large corporations. For the most part small businesses do not pay this much for website design.

We encourage you to browse our online store to buy and take advantage of our 20% off sale. Our web design category has packages that are available for people who pretty much know how many pages they want on their site. Keep in mind while we are in the website design process, if you need to add pages we can add them. When we add pages, we add the cost of added pages to the project. For people who want a custom quote fill out our quote form. We would be glad to help you determine how many pages to build for your site. Our 20% off sale also applies to custom quotes.

The sale does not apply to web development (programming) and SEO. If we use web site software that has already been written to build your site the sale applies. It basically does not apply to custom programming and development.

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What is back end development?

Back end web development is the programming of your back office in a web based environment. Back end development can be the programming of back office software written to run on the web or in a Windows computer. Some web site applications are designed to handle a companies back office. These applications can streamline a businesses day to day operations. A lot of software developers are moving away from Windows based software and reinventing their developments for either the front end or back end of a web site.

Unlike front end development where a programmer is writing code that makes it possible for the pages of a web site to exist, the back end developer is writing code so the web site owner can easily administrate their web site. Most web sites today have a back end that is never seen by the web site user. Web site owners use the back end of their content management systems to write articles, create web pages and add products. Web developers are constantly programming back end applications that make the administration of a web site user friendly.

With today’s technology businesses are hiring web development companies to write databases that help organize and streamline their day to day operations. Programs that use a database to keep track of a trucking companies loads, invoices and customers are being written as back end development. The users in the office use a password to log into a secure admin area where they can make entries and keep track of their sales and customer base.

Tibbetts Internet is a web development company that specializes in both front end and back end development. We write web applications that can be used in conjunction with a web site. We also write web based database software that is designed to streamline business. In the process of writing back end database applications for business, we start with systems analysis to determine what processes need to be programmed into your business software. We specialize in writing these custom applications and automating business processes whenever possible.

When we write a back end database application for a company, we offer a couple different hosting options for the software. This includes either a dedicated or virtual private server to host the business database. To assure that the general Internet is not accessing the companies back office database, we set up a firewall and virtual private network to limit access to the system.

To find out more about hiring us for back end web development and to rent a dedicated server or VPS to host the database feel free to browse our site.

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What is managed dedicated server hosting?

Most companies that rent a dedicated server have in house systems administrators that can handle the management of their Linux server. Managed dedicated server hosting is geared towards those companies that want a dedicated server, but don’t have an IT professional on staff that can handle it’s systems administration. Generally, if a company rents a dedicated server they should have someone on staff that is capable of administering the server. Not all companies have people on their staff that know how to manage a Linux or UNIX server. For those companies who do not know how to manage the server themselves, companies like Tibbetts Internet offer managed services for your server.

Normally included with a managed server plan is the initial install of your server software. This software can be for any purpose like web hosting, file storage, proxies, VOIP and many other server applications. It doesn’t matter what server software you want installed, a managed plan is geared towards it’s administration. Quite often a control panel can also be installed that makes some aspects of the server user friendly. Most server software today comes with a control panel.

Other things that can be included are monthly tasks that your company wants to perform. Normally these tasks are command line tasks that are not user friendly for the average computer user. For us to cover something under the managed server plan it does not have to be a command line task. It generally includes any task that can be considered systems administration.

In the server world there are a lot of patches that become available on a regular basis that fix security holes in Linux and UNIX operating systems. Most managed server plans include the administration and installation of patches that are designed to fix security issues in the server. It also includes the set up of a firewall. Sometimes depending on if you are blocking or only allowing access to certain Internet users, firewalls can be altered on a regular basis as you allow or disallow access to certain Internet users.

When a company wants a managed dedicated server for a file server, the computers in the office network can set up mapped drives to the server. This can be done by setting up a virtual private network along with the file server. Between the firewall and the VPN the server won’t be accessible by the general Internet. It will only be able to be accessed by computers that are in that office location and are programmed to access that VPN. When companies do not have the expertise to set up and manage a server for their office, it makes sense to add a managed server plan to your dedicated server.

There are quite a few types of servers that can be used in an office setting besides a file server. Other servers that people commonly use in an office setting may include VOIP (for the companies phone lines), email (for inner office email), web hosting (for the companies database), There are also some others, but lets talk about these.

Some companies when they have several phone lines, in order to save money, rent a dedicated server to host an Asterisk VOIP server. VOIP is an acronym for voice over internet protocol. By hosting your own VOIP server a company has the capability of hosting unlimited phone lines and numbers. For companies with a lot of lines a managed VOIP server can cut costs, while dedicating a whole server to their phone systems. Generally when you buy a VOIP phone line from a phone company there are a lot of other businesses with a shared account on the same server.

Most people think of email as the email account on their domain name or the free email account they have at gmail, Yahoo or some other free email service. In some larger companies they have what is called inner office email. It is email that can only be sent to and from computers that are in that office or group of offices. Larger companies do this to keep their communication off the general Internet. When configuring the firewall and VPN correctly the email server can restrict access to computers from those offices. Quite often these email servers don’t need to make use of a .com.

In the last 15 years a lot of companies have gotten their company database out of the file cabinet and the shoe box. They have hired companies to write both web based and Windows based software to hold their databases and streamline some of their business processes like billing, inventory, customers and deliveries. Quite often the owner of the company would like to be able to access the companies new database from home. With a server sitting in the office, hosting the new database, it is not always practical to access the database from outside the office location. Some companies have multiple office locations. Especially when you want to access the server from multiple locations, a dedicated or virtual private server is the best alternative. A VPN can be set up between the users and the server. Getting a managed server plan with the server can assure any systems administration tasks that are needed can be performed in a timely manner. When we provide a managed dedicated server, we quickly handle our customers systems administration tasks.

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What is front end development?

Front end development is a type of web development. Most web sites have two parts to the web site. The first part of the web site is considered the front end. The front end of a web site is the part the customer interacts with. It includes the shopping cart, the applications, product catalogs and other things the customer sees. Front end development is programming of these sections of the web site that the web site user interacts with.

There are a lot of different applications that have components of them that are written as front end development. these applications may include but are not limited to online events calendars, photo galleries, shopping carts, online stores and popular content management systems like Joomla and WordPress.
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What is web development?

Web development is different than web design. It is the programming of applications and web based software. This software is developed to be an application that can be used in conjunction with a web site. There are several types of applications that can be developed for a web site.

One of the most widely used types of applications is a CMS. A lot of companies that want to write their own applications hire developers to write custom content management systems. There are also several content management systems that are free to download and use throughout the Internet. The most popular free CMS system is WordPress.

Other applications available for web sites may include photo galleries, video galleries, customer resource management systems, online stores, shopping carts, community web sites like Facebook and much more. A lot of companies are moving from developing software that can run on your Windows computer to writing the software they sell to run from their web site. This quite often allows a company to charge a monthly fee for the software.

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What is dedicated web hosting?

Most companies who buy web hosting services buy a shared web hosting account on a hosting companies servers. Dedicated web hosting is another option where you rent a whole dedicated computer system to host your web site. This is quite often done by companies who have web sites that get a lot of hits. These high traffic web sites generally get so much traffic that they need a whole dedicated server system just for one web site. Dedicated web hosting is also utilized by some web hosting companies who host multiple web sites on one server.

There are a couple components of dedicated web hosting. The first component is the dedicated server. The next needed component is the software server application needed to host a web site. There are several popular web server applications available.

The most popular server software is CPanel. Most web hosting companies that do shared hosting use CPanel. It is a great application for hosting multiple web sites on one server. CPanel is not free. This software is capable of doing your hosting,handling your billing and has applications so you can easily install software applications to be used with your web site.

Another good server software is Plesk. Plesk is designed to be used by web hosting companies to do shared web hosting. It much like CPanel can do your billing and has built in online store software designed for web hosting companies.

A free alternative which may be better for companies who want to save some money and do not need all the extra features that are provided by today’s web hosting companies through server software applications like CPanel and Plesk is ISPConfig. It is a basic web hosting software application. It does not come with the ability to automatically install web based software applications for your web site.

I think if you want to have all the features offered by today’s web hosting companies it may be better to go with CPanel or Plesk. If you want to save some monthly money and are not worried about having the extra features go with ISPConfig.

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What is a Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server is a physical computer usually in a rack mount case and sitting in a rack. They are hosted in data centers. The industry normally offers 100Mbps of bandwidth through Ethernet with these servers. It is a server you rent on a monthly basis to host your desired server software and applications. Quite often companies buy co-location in data centers, buy a server and host it there. A dedicated server is an alternative to owing the server equipment.