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VOIP Phone Service – Great For Businesses and Home

Use it anywhere there is an Internet connection

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What is VOIP?

Voice over Internet protocol is an Internet phone technology that enables you to make and receive calls over any Internet connection including Wi-Fi. It is similar to the phone companies switched phone network. The difference is that VOIP phone service from Tibbetts Internet is not a land line. It works solely over the Internet in real time. By offering this service it enables the consumer to use their phone line using IP phones, desktop computers, laptop computers, tablets and cell phones. Any mobile user can install an app on their phone and use their business or home phone service over their mobile data plan.

Reliable VOIP Services From Tibbetts Internet

Tibbetts Internet offers reliable VOIP service for both business and home. We have a cloud PBX solution that enables virtual phone service for our customers. Not only does our solution offer voice calling, but we can also provide SMS, video conferencing and messaging through our desktop or mobile app. Our cloud communications platform offers much more than a landline. It is a complete communications platform.

What are the advantages of using VOIP phone service over a traditional landline

  • There is no expensive hardware to buy
  • You save money over traditional landlines
  • VOIP includes free long distance calling
  • Some long distance calls may require a nominal fee
  • Comes with all the features needed for business and home like call forwarding, voice mail and caller ID
  • Additional extensions (lines) can be added to any number
  • Needs the Internet to deliver service
  • Works over Wifi
  • Works on mobile devices

Tibbetts Internet is the leading provider of VOIP services

Made for Business and Home

A VOIP system offers unlimited calling capabilities at a flat rate over the Internet. It enables consumers to make calls, send SMS, do video conferencing and much more.

User Friendly Setup

Tibbetts Internet makes it easy to set up virtual phone service in just a day or less. We also support IP phone from companies like CISCO. Easily configure your service based on the communication needs of your family or business.

Mobile or Traditional Phone VOIP system

One of the advantages of IP based virtual phone service is that it enables the user to make calls, do video conferencing and send SMS from anywhere in the world where there is an Internet connection. Can be used over wifi.

No Hardware Needed

Unlike old switched phone systems for business like PBX systems and switches, Tibbetts Internet only requires a variety of Internet capably devices like desktop computers, laptop computers, tablets and cell phones. It is your prerogative whether you decide to buy IP phones or just use your existing devices.

24/7 Customer Support

We provide customer support 24 hours a day and seven days a week. We are here to help your business or family communication. Contact our customer support specialists using our ticketing system.

Reliable Phone Service Plans

We are the world most reliable phone service provider. Our plans include voice calling, conferencing and much more. These services are great for families and businesses.

One Phone Bill For Different Phone Service Features

We never split your virtual phone system bill into multiple bills. All the functionality we provide like voice calling, SMS, caller ID, video conferencing and messaging are all included on one bill. Even when you purchase multiple phone lines and numbers we can still include it one bill.

Security to Protect Your Phone Services

Tibbetts Internet protects it’s network with extensive firewalls and security protocols that protect our customers virtual phone system. Our team of security experts are dedicated to creating cyber security that keeps your phone conversations private and safe.

Use VOIP IP Phones, Mobile Devices and Computers

VOIP Services with IP Desk Phones

Maximize the functionality of your VOIP telephone services with IP desk phones created for use with Internet phone technology. Our system works with IP phones from companies like Cisco and Sangoma.

Make and Receive Calls with your IPhone or Android Phone

Our phone service works great over any Internet connection world wide. It works great over wifi. You can use your iPhone or Android mobile phones with any of our VOIP service packages. This can include most tablets where you can install an app.

Make and Receive Calls Using Your Desktop and Laptop Computers

Using a softphone you can make and receive calls using any computer that has an Internet connection. We can provide a free softphone that can be installed on your computer. This is great for consumers who do not have an IP phone or would like to use a headset.