Get a top 10 listing in the first page of Google’s search results through search engine optimization (SEO).

There are millions of web sites on the Internet that will never be found in the top 10 in Google, Yahoo and Bing. In today’s Internet it is not enough to have a web site and do no marketing. 67.5% of all Internet search traffic is done through Google. 16.5% of Internet search traffic is done on the Bing search engine. The other 16.5% is done through Yahoo. It is important to hire a company to place your site on the first page of the search results in these search engines. Without an effective SEO strategy your site may be lost among the millions of other sites throughout the Internet.

Tibbetts Internet is a company that has a dedicated team of Internet marketing professionals. Our search engine placement specialists work hard to achieve top 10 listings for your web site. We target keywords that are relevant to your company, products and services. The number of keywords we target constantly grows as we target new phrases.

Search engine placement is a monthly service. We perform a set number of hours improving your search engine listings and targeting new keyword phrases. This set number of hours is determined by the clients Internet marketing monthly budget. Feel free to browse our Internet marketing category in our online store for more information about what is offered in our monthly search engine optimization services.

When you know search engine positioning is needed to market your products and services through your web site, consider a custom quote for your sites optimization. We encourage you to fill out our quote form. A sales representative will contact you within 24 – 48 hours.