Managed Server Hosting

managed server hosting

Tibbetts Internet offers managed server hosting for companies who need our services. We provide Linux server hosting for businesses that need a reliable company. All of our servers are available as a managed service. Just simply buy our managed plan along with your powerful server hosting.

Most of our fast server hosting services come with the Linux operating system. In some cases where you require a Microsoft server, we can provide a Windows operating system. Normally people do this when they need to host web sites that are written in ASP.NET. For people who will be hosting sites written in PHP we suggest Linux.

Our managed server hosting plan is comprehensive. Our IT professionals are always available to install, managed and administer your applications. We offer the best services available in the industry today. Browse our online store to find the add on for managed services.

We have a large selection of services available in our online store. We encourage you to browse our server category to find the right equipment configuration that will meet your requirements. For customers who are not sure about what service to buy, we encourage you to fill out our quote form and we will consult with you about your needs. A sales representative will make suggestions about the best service for your requirements.